LEDVANCE in a Nutshell

The LEDVANCE Business

LEDVANCE is a worldwide leader in innovative lighting products as well as intelligent and connected lighting solutions (Smart Home). LEDVANCE emerges from the classical lighting business of OSRAM and combines traditional general illumination with modern, forward-looking lighting technology.

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

We have established a corporate commitment to recruiting, retaining and developing the talents of employees regardless of race, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, or any other dimension of diversity. We cultivate strategic partnerships with colleges, universities and professional organizations that have significant female and minority populations. LEDVANCE offers domestic partner benefits, recognizing the diversity in our workforce. Community partnerships are established which reflect the values of our workforce, and opportunities are explored to enhance supplier diversity.

Diversity strategies include affinity groups, mentoring, as well as an intensified focus on employee development. With the powerful commitment of our senior management team, LEDVANCE is expanding its reputation as the type of environment where every talented individual will be proud to work.

Diversity & Equal Employment Opportunity at LEDVANCE

Diversity Statement

LEDVANCE is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace in which all individuals are treated with dignity and respect. We promote fair and open access to career opportunities. An inclusive, supportive climate enables us to better meet the needs of our customers, employees, suppliers and communities. We believe that variety of opinion, approach, perspective and talent are the cornerstones of a strong, flexible and competitive company.

Veteran Jobs Mission

LEDVANCE is honored to be a member of the 100,000 Jobs Mission. Learn More